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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
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DotFix FakeSigner is a program intended to protect EXE files from detection of their compiler/packer (it contains 30 false signatures in the demo version and more than 200 signatures in the registered version) and also to protect from unpacking your program by novice crackers (although there are such, who can unpack it). One more thing: if antivirus detects your program as a virus, and it may well be, if your program uses any algorithms of working directly with hard disk and files (heuristic analyzers are a thing), then after its processing with this protector, antivirus will be silent! This is because this protector embeds in all sections of your program a number of transitions and anti-debugging functions that are not handled by most debuggers, unpackers and anti-viruses, which blocks their functions.

This program also encrypts the first 20 bytes of the entry point and the whole code section of the program, which prevents the crackers from examining the program. It is worth adding that the protector code added to your program is polymorphic/metamorphic, i.e. it is always different, so it is unlikely that there will ever be analyzers capable of detecting DotFix FakeSigner. For programming enthusiasts, the program has a built-in scripting language that can be used to easily implement any additional program protection features. This language is documented and has examples of its use in the scripts folder. For program researchers, DotFix FakeSigner has a built-in EXE file analyzer. It can be used to find out what this or that program is written in or protected with.


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