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Japanese Blackjack is a pay-per-play game. When you play Japanese Blackjack, you feel as if you are living on top of an active volcano, which is depicted in the background of the playing field. That's how unpredictable this game is. Now you are present at the championship, which is held in one of the Japanese cities. Masters of the card game from different parts of our planet are here to judge the game.

Do you see these three beautiful ships? They appeared here from the past, present, and future. Three Blackjack game experts also landed in this city to bring new things to the game. For example, the master from the past refined every detail in the classic rules of the game, modern graphics, computer technology, exotic playing field, the style in which the cards are made, and Japanese music were taken from the present, and the idea for the Japanese Blackjack World Championship was taken from the future. This game is the result of combining these parts. The game starts right now in the building you see in front of you on the screen.

We invite you to plunge into the world of this game, take part in the championship, and every time you win, a volcano will erupt in your honor. Japanese Blackjack has kept all the features of the real Blackjack, but has acquired some new features such as clear graphics, an unusual playing field and simple rules.


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