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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful tool fow worning with PDFs. Mobile app offers all the features of desctop tool, empowering users to open, edit and share PDFs, as well as annotate and convert them between different formats. Need to download Acrobat Reader mobile app on your Android device? Find out how to quickly get the program, unlocking essential PDF tools for viewing, annotation, and document management.

Key Takeaways

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android is a widely-used, free tool, that allows to access files, view them, edit and share PDFs, with advanced features available in a premium subscription.

  • The mobile app offers cross-device collaboration, AI-powered assistance in beta, and a variety of tools to enhance reading and documents management on different platforms.

Unveiling Adobe Acrobat Reader

Person using Adobe Acrobat Reader on a tablet

Adobe Acrobat Reader is widely acknowledged as a reliable and complimentary standard for an array of PDFs-related activities including view, print, e sign, annotate, and share PDFs using one app. It has garnered the trust of many individuals who depend on it for these critical functions. Adobe claims that this program provides users with capabilities to:

  • Observe shared content in PDF form, append signatures to them, annotate and collaborate on these PDFs

  • Alter text and graphics within the PDF file

  • Share files and store them online, following the necessary security practices

  • Convert PDFs to other file formats of documents and back

  • Compress size of a pdf file

  • Enhance security around documentation

Adobe Reader: download and install mobile version

To access the app for free, you need to download it first. It is very easy, we'll help you with it. Press the "Download" button on this page. The installation file of the mobile version of the app will be saved automatically, you just need to start it. You may need to allow installation from unknown sources. You're almost ready to use the app.The last step on this way - you need to create an account.

Embarking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader journey begins by establishing an Adobe account, which can be created via a social media login (Google, Facebook, or Apple) or by registering with an email address. The procedure is simple: just sign in using your chosen platform’s authentication screen if opting for social login. Alternatively, enter your email information along with a password and additional personal details before hitting ‘Done’ to complete registration via email. For security reasons, it’s recommended that users opt for robust passwords and confirm their emails through a verification link sent from Adobe.

Create an account or sign in to access Adobe document cloud syncronization

After you have registered your account successfully, you are positioned to fully exploit the features of the software. With its complimentary version, Adobe Acrobat Reader allows individuals to view PDF documents easily across multiple devices—desktops or mobile—as well as print them out and make comments on those files where necessary. This versatility facilitates effortless access and exchange of PDFs regardless of location—be it while stationed at your office desk or navigating through tasks on-the-go via mobile phone.

Initiating an Adobe account signifies taking crucial steps toward managing digital documentation effortlessly. As you navigate within the world of Adobe Acrobat Reader usage becomes more intuitive allowing one to confidently handle tasks: print docs, e sign and share PDFs. Adjustments such as rectifying errors and updating associated contact details can be managed seamlessly within ‘Account and security’ options offered by this tool. Now let us delve into understanding what user-interface elements this efficient document handling application presents.

Navigating the Interface of Acrobat Reader mobile app for Android and Tools

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android interface

The Acrobat Reader mobile app, part of the Adobe Acrobat Reader suite for Android devices, is renowned for providing a comprehensive set of features that elevate the user experience above that provided by other similar applications. This has led to a preference among users who require robust PDF software.

Durability in the Digital Realm

A key advantage of Adobe Acrobat Reader is its ability to operate across a variety of devices. The application is compatible with prominent operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Create an account or sign in to sync or export documents between desktop PC, tablet and phone for free

It integrates effortlessly with the services provided by Adobe Document Cloud, allowing users to access PDF files on any gadget at their convenience. The program also boasts Dropbox support. This feature enables one to commence work on a document using a desktop computer and later continue from the same point using a mobile or tablet device.

The widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader facilitates viewing documents in PDF format through several user-friendly features including:

  • Accessibility Setup Assistant

  • Option for altering document colors

  • Custom zoom level settings

  • An option to disable text smoothing

  • Text-to-speech functionality

  • Reflow ability

These functionalities ensure that the software caters to various user needs effectively regardless of their preferred device or unique accessibility requirements. Some challenges have been reported by users while accessing Adobe Acrobat Reader on mobile platforms, particularly iPhones. To enhance reading experience on smaller screens like those found in phones, Adobe introduced Liquid Mode into Acrobat. This mode offers an improved PDF file layout on your smartphone or tablet and lets you resize images with ease. Documents no larger than 10 MB and no longer than 200 pages are compatible with Liquid Mode.

Acrobat offers a Liquid Mode — a special tool to read PDFs comfortably on phone or tablet

Cross-device collaboration is supported within this platform, which allows team members to engage collectively no matter where they may be located—as long as an internet connection is available—facilitating productivity whether you are situated at your office desk or out and about.

Mastering PDF Manipulation

Adobe Acrobat Reader is crafted to optimize your PDF viewing and interaction experience. It enables seamless reflow of text and alteration of document colors for better readability, making it more adaptable across various devices.

Acrobat Reader mobile app offers a suite of features that boost productivity including e sign functions and the ability to fill out pdf forms. Its facility for gathering signatures for PDF documents, inserting stamps, and managing comments through import/export functionality significantly enhances workflow efficiency in document handling processes. These tools are particularly advantageous for entities frequently engaging with contracts or legal documents where obtaining signatures and appending stamps are routine operations.

Real-World Application and Accuracy

Person using Adobe Acrobat Reader on a mobile device

The app is equipped with an impressive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability, which transforms scanned documents and images into text, available for search, annotate, fill and edit. This feature’s practical effectiveness in enhancing productivity and precision raises interesting questions.

It's worth noting that the application allows to convert PDFs into Excel, Powerpoint and othertypes of documents.

Collaborative Capabilities

Adobe Acrobat Reader is more than just a PDF viewer—it’s a collaborative tool that supports real-time collaboration and document version control. This means that team members can work on the same document simultaneously and always have access to the latest version. This real-time collaboration and version control can reduce errors and streamline the process of identifying and correcting mistakes, preserving the integrity and accuracy of documents.

Acrobat app allows to share PDFs with the team and grants access to features for effective collaboration

Deciding on Acrobat for Android

Acrobat Reader mobile app is regarded as an indispensable tool for many extensive functions to edit PDFs, often outshining alternative programs in user preference.

With a paid subscription to Adobe Acrobat Reader comes access to advanced premium features which include:

  • The ability to edit PDFs

  • Options to convert PDFs and other documents

  • Following security practices for document safeguarding

  • Enhanced methods for reducing PDF file size


Acrobat Reader is undeniably a powerful tool for managing PDF files. Its comprehensive suite of features, cross-device compatibility, and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for many users. While it does have room for improvement in certain areas such as mobile usability and editing tools, Adobe has shown a commitment to continually enhancing its product.

In conclusion, whether you’re a student, a professional, or a business owner, Acrobat Reader mobile app offers a robust set of tools to manage and manipulate PDFs. It’s a tool worth considering if you frequently work with PDF files and are looking for a solution that offers more than just viewing capabilities.


Can I download Acrobat Reader for free?

Of course. The app is available at no cost. But to access an extended set of functions to work with PDFs, you may need a paid version of Acrobat Pro.
Yes. Adobe offers the basic version of Acrobat Reader app for free. The functions of premium Acrobat Pro are available at no cost, for the first week.
Just press the download button on the top of the page. The installation file will be saved automatically. You can also press "Versions" button to get previous versions of the app.
Of course. Acrobat facilitates synchronous collaboration, enabling multiple individuals to concurrently work on an identical document.
Certainly, the app is compatible with your mobile device and supports essential platforms like iOS and Android.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Offers functions for editing, printing and signing documents
  • Synchronization of data with the software version for PC, Mac or mobile devices.
  • The program is very easy to use
  • Built-in documents converter
  • Quite high license price
  • May have performance issues


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8 years ago
I installed Adobe Acrobat DC on my tablet, I use it mainly for reading technical literature. The PDF opens and flips through very quickly. I would like to mention the functions that are important to me: bookmarks, searching through text, adding comments. I use them all the time as I read. I would also like to mention the Russian language in the application.