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Dr.Web Mobile Control Center — this is a handy tool for administrating Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite or Dr.Web AV-Desk-based anti-virus networks.

With the Dr.Web Mobile Control Center, you can manage the Dr.Web Server repository, initiate updates and view product status.

Also, you can manage stations on which an update has failed. You can quickly identify such stations and update the necessary components manually.

Dr.Web Mobile Control Center displays statistics on the status of the anti-virus network, the number of registered stations, their current status, and infection statistics for protected stations.

You can manage new stations waiting to be connected to the Dr.Web server and reject or approve their access at any moment using your mobile device.

In addition, the Dr.Web Mobile Control Center allows you to run quick or full scans on the selected stations or entire groups of stations, define the default action when malicious objects are detected, as well as manage quarantined files.

With the application you can quickly find stations and groups by name, address or ID, view and change their settings, manage the components of the anti-virus package, send messages to stations, restart Windows stations, add stations to the list of favorites for quick access and view information and notifications from all the stations, using interactive push notifications.

Dr.Web Mobile Control Center for Android is a convenient mobile tool for administrators of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite or Dr.Web AV-Desk.


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