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LG TV Remote 2011

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This application will help turn your smartphone into a remote control for LG Smart TV.

With LG TV Remote 2011, you can change channels, adjust the volume, as well as control other functions of your TV, directly from your mobile device. No more searching for the perpetually lost remote and change the batteries in it: the remote will now always be at your fingertips.

Please note that in order for the app to work, you must connect your TV and mobile device to the same WiFi network.

LG TV Remote 2011 is compatible with the following series of devices:

  • LED series LZ9600;
  • LED series LW 5500;
  • LED series LV 5500;
  • LED series LV 3700.

On our website you can download LG TV Remote 2011 for iPhone and LG TV Remote for iPad 2011. You may also be interested in LG TV Remote for Android and LG TV Remote for iOS, with the help of which you can control LG Smart TV devices of 2012 year of production and later.

Download LG TV Remote 2011 app on your Android and control LG Smart TV using your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.


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