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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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In this game you will experience yourself as an architect, builder, prospector, hunter, farmer, and explorer. You will immerse yourself in a completely destructible world that can be rebuilt as you wish.

In the game Minecraft Pocket Edition you will have to mine all kinds of resources necessary for construction and survival. Quarry construction materials to build and equip your home, build better weapons and armor to protect yourself from dangerous beasts and undead that attack at night, and craft tools to mine the underground or cultivate the soil and mine for food.

Explore virtually limitless worlds and where there is no road, make one. You don't have to look for a mine to find valuable resources: you can dig one anywhere on the map yourself. You no longer have to go around mountains: you can dig through them. Find hidden treasure troves where the rarest game items are hidden and fight off the monsters guarding them.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has two play modes:

  1. In creative mode, you won't have to search for resources. You can just concentrate on building, using an unlimited amount of any materials, as well as forget about the constant attacks of mobs.
  2. In survival mode you will feel all the charm of the game. Here you'll have to periodically eat, make weapons and armor, fight off constant attacks, but most importantly - to find the necessary materials for crafting, which can be on the opposite side of the map from your home.

Descend to the Lower World, observe the changing weather conditions and play both alone and with friends in network interplatform mode.

The game of Meinkraft has beautiful retro graphics, pleasant sound accompaniment, user-friendly controls and almost limitless crafting possibilities. Hour after hour, comprehending the game, you will each time find something new and surprising.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Ed to your Android and play online with your friends at any time!


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