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PDF to JPG Converter is a program that completely lives up to its name. It allows you to quickly convert PDF documents to JPG images directly from your smartphone without using a PC.

How to use PDF to JPG Converter

Anyone can figure out the program without any difficulty. Right after you launch it, right on the main screen, you will see a button for selecting a PDF document. Press it and find the file you need in your cell phone's memory using the built-in file manager. It is worth noting that the program is able to work even with very "heavy" documents up to 20 MB in size. When you select the desired file for conversion, you only have to choose the method of saving the images. Two options are available:

  1. Page to PDF. The program will save each page of the selected document as a separate JPG file.
  2. Extract images. This mode is perfect if you are not particularly interested in the content of the pages but need to extract images from the file. All found images will be saved as separate files.

In both cases, if the program detects a large number of images, it will offer to save them into a folder, or create a ZIP-archive.

Program features:

  • Built-in file manager for easy search of compatible documents;
  • work with PDF files up to 20 MB in size and with hundreds of pages;
  • Saving images in good quality;
  • ability to save each page of a document in JPG format, or retrieve all found images;
  • high speed of conversion;
  • if there are a large number of images in a document, the program offers to pack them into a ZIP-archive;
  • function to convert images to PDF format (requires the installation of a plugin);
  • saving a list of converted files and instant access to them, directly through the application.

Note that the program is not translated into Russian.

Urgent need to extract images from a PDF file? Then download to your smartphone free application PDF to JPG Converter - JPG to PDF Converter for Android.


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