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Simple Calendar is a convenient and easy-to-use calendar for cell phones and tablets on Android. It will help you to keep information about all scheduled meetings and other events, conveniently organize your business and receive timely reminders.

Why Simple Calendar will be useful for you

In front of you is a simple, flexibly customizable calendar with the function of distribution of tasks by their type. In other words, you can separate personal matters from work matters by marking them on the calendar in different colors. By marking all your scheduled events on the calendar, you can better estimate your workload and plan your schedule. It's easy to keep track of everything on your calendar. Just open it and click the event to see what you need to know. And the built-in scheduler with event reminder function, will remind you of upcoming saved events, so you won't forget anything important.

Key features of the application:

  • Simple and easy saving of all important events on your calendar;
  • highlighting work, personal and other events on the calendar, with different colors;
  • customizable widgets for quick access to the list of nearest events;
  • support of timely reminders about forthcoming events;
  • setting the start time of the saved events, as well as their duration;
  • export settings to txt-file to transfer them to the application installed on other cell phones or tablets;
  • Calendar type setting: weekly, monthly, or yearly;
  • CalDAV support;
  • simple and clear interface;
  • Russian translation;
  • no ads.

With FreeSoft, you can download Simple Calendar for Android, completely free of charge.


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