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New Year's games

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Christmas Games is a collection of games for Christmas, including 17 games: Puzzle - compose a picture, Puzzle - figure, Connecting the dots, Find the same picture, Eraser, etc.

  1. Puzzle Make a picture: the game's objective is to create a unified picture out of the disassembled elements. The game develops logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination, and also contributes to the development of imaginative and logical thinking, teaches to correctly perceive the relationship between the part and the whole; develops fine motor skills.
  2. Puzzle - Collect the figure: An educational game for preschool children, promoting the development of fine motor skills and learning to recognize shapes.The child needs to collect the figure from the pieces. When all the pieces fall into place, a picture will appear.
  3. Connecting the Dots: This entertaining and educational game teaches your child to recognize numbers and their pronunciation. The child must press the numbers in order. The program itself will connect the pressed number with the previous number and pronounce it out loud. When the last number is pressed, the image that the child has circled will appear on the screen. The program is able to pronounce the numbers in 17 different languages, in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Hindi.
  4. Find the Same Picture: An educational game for preschool-aged children in which a child must find two identical objects. The game develops short-term memory and cognitive skills and teaches a child to concentrate.It was designed for children, but is challenging and fun enough for adults as well.
  5. Eraser: A game for preschool children that develops imagination and creativity, and also helps develop motor skills.By erasing the top layer with your finger, your child will discover the picture hiding underneath.The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets. A great game that will get your kids in a good New Year's mood.


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