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Toca Boca


Toca Life World is an educational mobile game for children in which you have to create your own world and play out almost any story, involving dozens of characters. It offers almost limitless possibilities for creativity, limited only by the imagination of the player.

What is Toca Life World

This app will pleasantly surprise fans of games in the Toca Life series. It has combined all the previous games of the series: Office, Vacation, Hospital, City and others. In other words, the player now has a really full freedom of action and a whole huge world open to creativity. Here you can create unique scenes with their own story. Just choose a location, add your favorite characters, and let your imagination run wild. Here you can interact with almost every item in the location: put things in your characters' hands, use furniture, turn appliances on and off, and more. Not enough characters? Not a problem. You can always create a new character in the editor or buy new locations, pets and characters in the built-in store.

Good news for those who have previously played other games in the Toca Life series. The app allows you to transfer your characters and locations to your new world. That way, you don't have to re-create your favorite scenes. Transfer the necessary content into the game and combine it in any way you can.

Features of the game Toca Life World for Android:

  • Creating your own worlds;
  • full freedom of action in creating unique scenes and plots;
  • 8 locations and 39 characters pre-installed;
  • a convenient editor for creating your own characters;
  • the ability to purchase hundreds of new pets, characters and additional locations in the game store;
  • colorful graphics;
  • smooth animation;
  • weekly gifts;
  • the ability to transfer content from other Toca Life games;
  • excellent optimization for cell phones and tablets.

Note that you can download the game for free, so to enjoy Toca Life World hack or purchase is not required. However, some content can only be purchased for real money.


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