Download TouchPal Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard and Themes

TouchPal Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard and Themes

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TouchPal Keyboard - Emoji keyboard and themes One of the most convenient free keyboards for Android. It has a number of features that simplify and speed up text entry, and also includes a huge number of all kinds of emoji, emoticons, emoticons that are easy to insert into messages.

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard has contextual prediction. This means that the program will guess the words you're going to write, as well as correct spelling mistakes, typos, and automatically replace lowercase letters with capital letters when necessary.

Plus, with TouchPal Curve technology, the program lets you enter text with a smooth glide of your finger across the screen. This will help speed up your typing speed considerably.

Among other useful functions of the program TouchPal Emoji-keyboard for even more convenient text input, it is worth noting the presence of the keys "copy", "cut", "paste", the arrow keys and the clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste.

In total, the program supports more than 97 languages, has a huge number of removable design themes, allows you to install your own photos as themes, and also includes a huge set of all kinds of emoji, gemotikons, smiley faces and text faces that can be easily and quickly inserted into the text. In addition, the user can customize not only the overall design of the program, but also change the color of the keyboard, wallpaper and layout.

In order to activate the TouchPal Emoji Keyboard app for Android, you need to launch it, click on Enable TouchPal, then select the appropriate checkbox on the "Languages and settings" page. Then, the only thing left to do is to click on "Switch to TouchPal" and check the box corresponding to this keyboard to replace the standard keyboard with it.

We recommend downloading the TouchPal Emoji Keyboard app for Android from our website: it's fast, free and completely safe.


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