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This program is a rich makeup kit for Android that allows you to create your own, unique look by trying out all the different ways to apply makeup.

YouCam Makeup allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and view photos of other users and professional makeup artists. This will help you get new ideas to create your own look.

This app includes a huge set of tools to enhance the look of your eyes, skin, lips and teeth. Combine different types of makeup, experiment with colors, and know in advance how your makeup will look with a particular outfit.

YouCam Makeup has a clever detector that provides high-precision facial contour recognition. This will allow you to create a copy of yourself as closely as possible on your smartphone or tablet screen, and then see from the side how you look in a particular look.

You'll be able to apply makeup in real time using the makeup camera feature in this app. You will be able to change your face tone, add blush, remove shine, apply foundation, remove blemishes and conceal skin imperfections, as well as correct the contours of your face, right through YouCam Makeup.

This app also includes a range of tools to help conceal dark circles under your eyes, eliminate red eyes and even visually enlarge them. Apply eye shadow by choosing from a wide variety of colors and styles, then use the tool to add volume to your lashes.

In addition, you can add unique style to your eyebrows by adjusting their shape and color. Try out a new curve for your eyebrows to better accentuate your facial features.

Another useful tool of the app is the teeth whitener. With its help, your smile will become dazzling. And you can also use the lipstick application tool, which you can choose from a wide range of lipsticks, to enhance your smile.

A nice feature of the YouCam Makeup application is the automatic editing of your photos. You can also edit your selfies in real time to create beautiful selfies, with 14 stylish effects to choose from.

Try out different looks for weddings, fashionistas, frequenters of expensive clubs, or a light and unobtrusive look for every day. Once you've created a style you like, you can find out what other YouCam Makeup users think of it by sharing your photos with the community. Read others' reviews and write your own comments, maybe it's your words that will help someone find themselves.

Install YouCam Makeup on your Android and try out all the different types and methods of makeup application quickly and for free.


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8 years ago
Great app.Works everything, even on ExpleyRio.I wish I could add full-length recognition and add clothes. That would be great.