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AntispamSniper for Windows Live Mail

License: Free for Windows
Checked for viruses
Tested on virustotal
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
2.31 MB
Russian, English


AntispamSniper for Windows Live Mail is a program that protects mailboxes from spam and phishing. The combination of several automatic mail classification methods guarantees excellent quality spam filtering with minimum errors. The built-in header checker allows you to delete most spam right on the server without downloading the whole e-mail. The POP3 and IMAP protocols are supported.


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8 years ago
1.The main drawback that cannot be corrected. Removed the checkbox in the settings of the mail program Options - Mail on the tab Mail Deliver mail at the beginning of work, despite all attempts to leave this checkbox (after restarting the mail program checkbox is still removed by itself. And in any settings of AntispamSniper I have not found how to fix this defect (so that the checkmark is not removed). Therefore, after opening the program, you will have to check your mail manually by clicking on the Service menu on the right side of the menu. Shortcomings that can be fixed 2. In the bottom right part of Windows Live mail after opening the program when receiving mails, the text with the message No e-mail messages or Received as many e-mails (as it usually was before AntispamSniper was implemented in the mail program, which is very inconvenient. Although this defect can be easily fixed (see below how to repair it). 3. When uninstalling the program, when the message Remove or Leave all settings (or something like that) of the program appears, you should choose Remove, otherwise the column with emails (as before uninstalling AntispamSniper) will still look the same (the whole big list of emails). Note: I don't know exactly, but probably due to failure to uninstall in the appearing message window of the program settings, the look of the mail program is the same. Restoring the previous look of the mail program, while saving the AntispamSniper program To restore previous view, click menu View - section Layout - List of messages - Automatically select view. To restore the previous view, you need to go to the Home menu, select all messages in the Inbox and click on the Check box (with a red check mark) in the Actions section. To make messages about receiving mails or No e-mail messages appear again, you need to click on the Status bar field in the View menu in the Layout section.