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Aurabi Intro is a program for use in a Microsoft Terminal session. Increases the security of your company and allows you to effectively differentiate access rights of different users. Nowadays a lot of companies use terminal access to the server and work with corporate software at a remote desktop in Microsoft Terminal Server environment. As a rule, users, logging into a terminal session, see the "whole" remote computer desktop, "Start" button and other, often insecure elements.

The program Intro for MS Terminal service allows you to create in a few minutes the necessary list of applications for certain users to work with and to differentiate access rights, making terminal access more protected and secure.


  • Run applications with different command line parameters;
  • Run applications as another user;
  • Change the priority of launching applications in the system;
  • Grab a list of users from Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Allow users to access Task Manager as needed;
  • Change the language (multi-language support).

All of this can be done using the easy-to-use graphical interface in the administration panel, which is password protected. Or you can manually edit the main configuration file of the program. When you save data in the administration panel the program automatically creates a backup copy of the main configuration file (once a day) and records the changes made in the log files. For each user of terminal session Intro for MS Terminal service keeps detailed log files where information is saved:

  • date and time when user entered terminal session;
  • what server he logged in to (program can be used on many servers at once, in this case it must be installed on one server and access to folder where program is located via network and launch it from other servers via network);
  • which programs the user had access to at login;
  • which programs the user ran and the time at which they were run;
  • time when user exited the terminal session.

Using the program Intro for MS Terminal service, users when logging into a terminal session will see instead of the remote computer desktop only a list of applications, to which they have rights to access, and a button to end the terminal session. And nothing extra. System requirements are very modest. To use it you will need MS Windows 2000/2003/2008 server with MS Terminal service installed, Active Directory is not required. You can also use Intro for MS Terminal service under alternative terminal systems and in various other cases.


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