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BackUp Maker will help you make a backup of important data and thus protect it from the threat of viruses, deletion or damage. This program has extremely powerful and flexible settings, so you will always have a backup of your files.BackUp Maker is able to work in fully automatic mode. You just need to configure the program once, and then it will make backups of your data according to the set parameters. You can tell the program exactly what data you want to back up, where and when. BackUp Maker can back up any folder on your hard drive. If you want to copy only specific files from that folder, you can use the file filter to specify which file types should and should not be backed up. You can also set a limit on file size. The program can compress the copied data into archives. Archives over 4 GB are supported. If you want to keep your data secret, you can set a password on the archive or encrypt it using 256-bit AES encryption. BackUp Maker is capable of performing backups on a schedule or at certain events in the system. It can run the process after a set interval of time, at a specified hour on certain days of the week or month. As for system events, the program can back up files when a user logs on/off from Windows, connects a USB stick, etc. Backup Maker can send data to an FTP server, a network computer or an external USB drive (disk or flash drive) for storage. Moreover, it allows you to write backups to CDs/DVDs with the ability to split a single backup to multiple disks. BackUp Maker can create different types of backups. It allows you to make a full data backup, or a partial one to save space and time. The program is able to copy only those files that have been changed since the last backup or within a certain period of time.These are the main features of this program. In addition to them, it has a number of other options and features that may be useful. You can download BackUp Maker and familiarize yourself with them.


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7 years ago
The program is good, praised in every line, but requires knowledge of English or German. They didn't even bother to make a video in Russian. Learn by TUCA method!