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Clipboard Buttons

License: Free for Windows
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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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Russian, English


Clipboard Buttons Organizes management of the text or graphic data you need. It extends the capabilities of the Windows clipboard by means of two external buttons added to the headers of all the open windows. The first, the button, implements the "Copy" command, the second, implements the "Paste" command. With these two buttons, as well as their corresponding keyboard shortcuts, you can get quick access to the repository of your favorite text and image inserts. When you need to promptly playback a text or picture at the right time and place, the cursor is positioned where you want to insert the text or picture and the "Insert" button is pressed in the window header. In the window that appears, select the desired insertion - and by double-clicking or pressing "Enter" place it in the desired location. In the same way new text or graphic inserts are added: a block of actual text information in a window is selected, the "Copy" button in the header of the window is pressed, after which the selected information after optional editing appears in the storage. For people working with repetitive text or graphic information. As well as for all those who want to always have at hand a quick access to the stably popular information; text, graphic or metadata - once created and periodically updated: addresses, names, avatars, dates, quotations, greetings, smileys, HTML-templates and other information of this kind.


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