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ClipMate Clipboard - European Languages

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ClipMate Clipboard - European Languages is an extension of the standard Windows clipboard that makes it a truly powerful tool. The cut/copy/paste feature of Windows works well for transferring single data items, but is useless if you want to move a lot of data or save data for longer than before your next cut or copy operation (in which Windows overwrites the data on the clipboard, whether you are ready for it or not!). ClipMate works together with the standard Windows clipboard and stores every piece of your data (text and graphics), everything you cut or copy. Once your data is placed in ClipMate, you can select an item and it will automatically be placed on the clipboard or directly into the application you are using. You can view, print, edit, reformat, convert to upper/lower case, search, rename, and re-sorify clip elements. There is a built-in spell checker. You can create an unlimited number of clip collections to store your data, and you have full control over the rules for saving collections so that your collections match the progress of your own work. For example, you can use the InBox collection to capture all your clips, and create a Safe collection for topics like tips and tricks, frequently used emails, image clips, hot Internet links, research projects, or whatever you want. ClipMate lets you use PowerPaste to insert large amounts of data with ease. New in version 6: The power of the new database allows you to store thousands of clips, saves free disk space, and allows multiple users to use the database over your LAN. Shortcuts help you find your favorite clips, and you can store important data securely with 56-bit ARC4 encryption.


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