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Financial Analysis + Business Valuation Program - "Financial Analysis + Business Valuation" is a professional software product for comprehensive financial analysis of the organization.

The purpose of "Financial Analysis" program is to quickly and easily analyze the financial and business activities.

In the "Financial Analysis", in addition to automatic generation of reports on the financial analysis, based on the organization's reporting data, you can build a financial forecasts for any specified number of periods.

The program of financial analysis "Financial Analysis: Profit + Business Valuation" allows you to reduce the time required for the preparation of dozens of times:

- Analytical text report on financial analysis;

- Analytical report on business valuation;

- Text report on financial analysis in accordance with the rules of financial analysis for bankruptcy trustees;

- Expert opinion in accordance with the CBR Regulation of 26.03.2004;

- Decision on the presence of signs of deliberate bankruptcy in a company.

- A tabular report on the financial state (at the user's choice).

In the program more than 50 various analytical blocks and more than 100 calculation factors are realized. The program carries out:

- liquidity analysis

- solvency analysis

- analysis of financial stability

- solvency analysis

- bankruptcy probability analysis

- analysis of absolute changes in the structure of capital

- analysis of relative changes in the structure of capital

- financial analysis of aggregated balance sheet

- analysis of financial solvency according to relative indicators

- Analysis of Financial Stability by Absolute Indicators

- Analysis of Balance Sheet Liquidity by Relative Indicators

- Analysis of balance sheet liquidity according to absolute indicators

- dozens of other types of financial analysis.

User-friendly and functional interface of the Excel-based program allows you to master the program in hours, which is also facilitated by a detailed user manual, attached to the program. Simplicity and convenience of the program of financial analysis is noted by the majority of users.

Financial Analysis is not only a financial analysis program - in addition to the basic functions of financial analysis, it also allows you to carry out:

- Financial planning

- Business valuation

- Consolidation of the accounts of different organizations or branches of a company into one.


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13 years ago
One of the best programs in its field. Considering that it is made in Excel, it has a fairly wide range of calculations and the ability to view and edit formulas, which is not available in other applications