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The quality and speed of information analysis directly depends on the way the data is presented. The most optimal in this case is the visualization of the necessary material for work. Perpetuum Software offers .NET Dashboard Suite, a suite of components developed for the .NET platform and designed to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of data visualization. The product includes a component for viewing reports in Win and Web Forms applications. The package includes Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit. Both components are fully compatible with .NET, contain only managed code and are easily integrated with MS Visual Studio. Using .NET Dashboard Suite you can create progress or performance indicators as well as functional charts and graphs. Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit are an interconnected platform with the same customization tools, the same data management methods and appearance settings. Identical component designers allow you to create or modify element and chart properties with the mouse. The .NET Dashboard Suite component architecture allows you to define complex, interactive object behavior without coding. Easy-to-use, intuitive interface requires no programming knowledge. Instrumentation ModelKit and Chart ModelKit contain an extensive library of ready-to-use controls as well as standard elements and 2D chart types. If necessary, the user can create an element or chart from scratch. The single example navigator offers a set of comprehensive examples that make it easy to learn the library and find an example that demonstrates the functionality you need. Please note that version of the component is only compatible with .NET 2.0/3.5. If you are running .NET Framework 1.1, please use .NET Dashboard Suite, which is compatible with .NET 1.1 and 2.0


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