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License: Free for Windows
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Windows95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
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PaintCAD 4Windows is a pixel art editor where you can

  • use ONLY the keyboard when drawing, ONLY the touch screen, or ONLY the mouse;
  • draw graphic primitives, text;
  • use a lot of built-in effects: color, brightness, contrast, gamma, color, 3D, cut, gradient, smoothing, outlining, shadow, glow, stars, heat, snow, flame, hellfire, combustion by trajectory, sepia, gray, relief, sharpness, glitch, spray, thermal, color change, channel exchange, black and white, color wool
  • enlarge low-color images "without loss of quality" (well, almost without, using the "Expander" effect);
  • fill the painted objects with texture (with the "Mosaic" tool;
  • quickly draw animation on devices with stylus: at the bottom of the main window in the panel there are buttons for quick frame switching that save frames with the names 1.bmp, 2.bmp, 3.bmp etc. in the current folder and allow you to quickly switch to the next frame by saving the previous one, and also compare the previous frame with the next (using the "comparator", like onion skin)
  • create your own PCF fonts from scratch or use Windows fonts and write pictures with them.
  • Use the webcam (or TV tuner) to capture single frames;
  • use the webcam to shoot video:
    • in automatic mode (shoot video up to 10 frames per second or less, you can shoot rare frames and then put together a speeded-up video of how the clouds flew by or a flower bloomed in the last 6 hours);
    • in manual mode - frames on command (you can shoot your own cartoons: plasticine, puppets, etc.);
  • the captured frames or drawn pictures can be mounted in the Frame Queue and assembled into AVI-video-file with the choice of codec;
  • ready AVI-video-files can be disassembled into frames;
  • for game developers and web page creators: you can draw mosaic maps from elements (tiles) that connect to each other;
  • draw pictures with semitransparency and save them in PNG;
  • process batches of frames with selected effects;
  • take 3D pictures with a webcam (or with two webcams) or 3D video (only for two webcams);
  • Draw 3D pictures using the 3D drawing mode or using the original picture and the Z-map. Save drawn in stereo pair or anaglyph;
  • Program drawing pictures and animations using the Scriptaint utility;
  • create and edit WAV files: sound effects, music, voiceovers for AVI files with the sound editor Qmpot.


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