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The use of an internal network in an enterprise requires careful control of printing processes. To ensure their proper functioning, you need to download PaperCut NG and set the user settings correctly. The program is equally handy and useful for bosses who are interested in minimizing the cost of printing current documentation, and employees who need to get papers ready quickly. If PaperCut NG is downloaded in time, you can eliminate overspending due to wasteful use of company resources for printing files unrelated to the professional duties of staff.

The utility has a russified interface and will be useful for engineering and design offices, designers, financial outsourcing firms, etc. Unlike many competitors PaperCut NG for Windows is notable for a large number of features and ease of use in various areas of business. It provides the ability to set quotas for users, each of whom has a personal account, which enhances the ability of supervisors to manage human resources. The list of options also includes the creation of restrictions on the use of the Internet, monitoring the status, the load of local printers, the use of filters, remote control, notification of the detected malfunction of office equipment. There is also support for LDAP, external databases.

Using our site with proven software, you can easily download PaperCut NG for free for your computer. Install the application on the devices of all employees who need to print documents.


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