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Photo! 3D Screensaver

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Photo! 3D Screensaver is a useful program. Download a completely free screensaver Photo! 3D Screensaver, which will show your favorite photos in virtual three-dimensional galleries! Photo! 3D Screensaver doesn't just turn on a slide show, replacing one frame with another at a set interval, but allows you to create virtual three-dimensional exhibition halls, where your favorite photos are presented instead of pictures.

Walking around the halls you can admire both your favorite and memorable photos and enjoy the pleasant and beautiful environment, created thanks to high-quality 3D graphics and realistic details. You can choose a gallery template to your taste right in the program from a special panel of templates. There are a variety of realistic 3D galleries of different styles at your disposal: a modern exhibition hall, a Renaissance courtyard, a mysterious medieval castle or an ancient Greek temple.

You will never miss the appearance of a new template or update one of the existing ones, as a notification will immediately appear in the panel and you will be prompted to download the template. It's worth noting that you can walk around the gallery both in automatic mode and manually, moving with the keyboard or mouse. To select photos, just go to the program settings, select the folders or files you want to place in the gallery, and click "OK". You can also add photos by simply dragging and dropping them or search for them by tag or user name on the popular Flickr(TM) photo service.

With the new Photo Lists feature, you can form and save themed groups of photos. Enable sound accompaniment by adding one or more music files and your trip to the gallery will be accompanied by your favorite tune. The installation file Photo! 3D Screensaver installation file also includes the program Photo! 3D Album, which can create 3D albums with your photos and then publish them to your personal page for free.


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