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Support for dbf in MS Office Excel

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Support for dbf in MS Office Excel is a useful program. As you know, Office Excel 2007 has discontinued support for dbf formats. Meanwhile, in many Russian organizations, this link between Excel and dbf is still needed.

The proposed package compensates for Microsoft's conscious decision.

Database dbf format is still supported by popular accounting program 1C, and many organizations are still using solutions on Foxpro.

Although dbf format is steadily losing popularity as a repository of databases, but it has found a completely different application.

  1. This is a very simple alternative to the data exchange format: CSV, XML, XLS.
  2. This is not a very complex alternative to the text configuration files (name-value), which gives the possibility to place more normative and reference information.
  3. If you neglect limitations of the DBF IV standard, you can organize buffered binary and text databases with direct positioning and ring-filling on dbf. Their purpose is to mitigate peaks before writing to SQL servers. DBF format makes these databases partially independent of applications, and its comprehensibility to standard software makes them observable and modifiable.
  4. Given the items 1, 2, 3, there are numerous developments to support dbf from different languages and environments, without the additions in the form of ODBC, ADO, BDE and other heavyweight additions. For such applications, import from dbf to Excel is very useful.

Package is written in VBA and C++, it consists of zjvcst.dll (usual dll, not requiring registration, preferably in %SYSTEMROOT% or wherever Excel.exe is), add-on for Excel Dbf_Operations.xla, that adds Excel menu "File" items with 3 of its own, two separately posted VBA modules from this add-on, and two Excel books: one using same modules, but without add-on, and one with add-on. All sources are open and commented.

The dbfeditw.exe program is used here as a viewer and editor for dbf- files. WARNING: dbfeditw.exe is not for accounting tasks (see the description in the zip archive.


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12 years ago
Valery Lapenkov
This dll plus the macro examples allow you to save including from Office2007. Other solutions are available: htt/www.dbforums.cmicrosoft-exc1644233-excel-2007-add-save-dbf.html htt/www.dbforums.cmicrosoft-exc1644233-excel-2007-add-save-dbf.html Well, and ADO.
12 years ago
I need from xls to dbf!!! not a half, really need it!!!