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The priPrinter Professional is a modern and productive solution for previewing and adjusting documents before printing. The priPrinter displays printed documents in the most user-friendly way possible and allows you to arrange several pages on a single sheet of paper, change their order, change the margins with the mouse and much more. The document can be printed or written to PDF.


  • Fast and modern program interface. A three-dimensional viewing mode is always available in addition - especially useful for booklet printing
  • Interface available in Russian
  • Prints several pages on a single sheet of paper. With this feature it is possible to place any number of source pages on a single sheet of paper. The possibility of deleting blank spaces expands the use of this function even more
  • Change the page order. Simply drag a page to a new location with the mouse. Page rearrangement is possible within and between sheets of paper.
  • Arbitrary page layout. Instead of entering data in the dialog, you can change the margins or size of the sheet of paper by dragging and dropping them with the mouse. All changes are instantly displayed on the screen, allowing you to achieve the perfect result
  • Remove blank or superfluous pages. Just select a page and click 'Delete'.
  • Delete empty fields, ads or unnecessary text or images. Any part of the page, both internal and external, can be removed
  • Watermarks. Very easy to create and use watermarks, annotations, comments and page numbers. Macros in the body of watermarks and pages are supported providing a high level of customization to your individual requirements
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Merging several documents into one and rearranging them
  • Multiple levels of undo changes, almost any command can be undone
  • Frequently used customizations can be written in Themes or Profiles
  • Ready to use forms
  • Your own scripting language.

Allows both human-less page manipulation and extending basic functionality, for example implementing unique page stacking on a sheet of paper - Print to any printer or write to .PDF documents - Change mistakes in the text directly in the print preview window. It is also possible to change the font and its size, highlight important information with a highlighter or cross out sensitive data.


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