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Collector program. K2 is a program that was created for collectors who collect sets of photos, postcards, calendars.

This one works in two versions

  • The single-user variant. This version of the program allows you to work at one time, one user. But, this variant does not require installation of a database server and is much cheaper.
  • In the network variant can work an unlimited number of users. This way of setting up is more complicated than the single-user one and considerably more expensive.

The program allows you to electronically organize information about items in the collection into various categories:

  • title;
  • author;;
  • series;
  • type of card;
  • album number and position in it;
  • placement categories.

For each item in the collection, you can store photos from multiple angles. For example, for a photo or postcard it is a front and back image. Right from the program you can scan the image and unfold it. This makes it easier to add new items to the collection and reduces errors. The built-in browser allows you to browse both collection sites and your own database.

You can search for items in real time. Just type in the expression you are interested in, and the program will immediately display the result. You can also use the table to sort, filter and group information. Thus, to get statistical information, such as the number of photos by a given author or a given series, you can literally in a couple of seconds. Moreover, you can generate such reports on the fly.

The program allows you to export information to Excel to exchange it with other collectors. Also, to assess the completeness of the collection, there is a report showing the presence and absence of the specified copies of the collection.


If you have information about available versions of the software, you can . send it to us.


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