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License: Free for Windows
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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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QtWeb Internet Browser is a compact and portable web browser with unique user interface and security features. QtWeb - free, non-commercial, open-source project, based on Nokia Qt and Apple WebKit development libraries (used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome).

Usage scenarios:

  • Limited Windows environment (Windows boots from CD/DVD/USB: WinPE, BartPE)
  • Module portability is required (minimum OS dependencies, possibility to run the module without installing it from CD/USB)
  • Requires a serious security while on the Internet (no traces of browsing on the machine, after a complete cleaning up and removal of the browser).
  • Requires a focus on the site you are browsing, not on the browser elements (all panels, including bookmarks, navigation and even the main menu can be disabled, or moved outside the browser window)
  • Multimedia computers (Virtual keyboard allows you to dispense with a single mouse)

Customizable interface:

  • Ability to change application style on the fly and see how sites look in a Unix/Linux or Windows environment of other versions
  • Customizable search engines, menu headers, hotkeys, toolbar buttons

Security features:

  • Private Browsing mode allows to leave no traces of being on the Internet either locally (cookies, caches) or on the Web (the UserAgent usually sent to a Web server can be masked)
  • Full reset function - clears all caches and restores all settings to their original state - as they were before you ran the browser on this machine for the first time
  • SSL and HTTPS are supported. Displays site certificate information.

Compact, fast and portable browser:

  • EXE module only 4MB, no need for configuration files or other DLLs
  • Parameter controlled command line launching is supported
  • Web Inspector allows you to view HTML elements in a structured way, debug JavaScripts, monitor load time and resource sizes of web pages and much more...


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