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Remote Queue Manager Professional

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Remote Queue Manager Professional Every time you print documents using your programs, the information is sent to the print queue before it is sent to the printer. If you print multiple documents, they form a print queue. In the process of sending documents to print, it is easy to make a mistake and send the wrong document or one with the wrong printing parameters (page size/orientation, color, etc.). As a result, you often print unnecessary documents and waste a lot of paper and ink. In addition, even when documents are sent to the printer, they often contain typos and the necessary corrections usually become visible when the document is already sent to the printer.

In offices where several people use the same printer, this problem occurs much more often and a handy tool is needed to manage the printer queue. Unfortunately, the standard printer queue management methods that come with Windows are limited. When you use these programs, you have to distinguish between print jobs using their not very obvious names and usually "Cancel" is the only action available. In addition, in order to manage printers from a remote computer, you need to install their drivers on your computer before doing so.

The Remote Queue Manager is a professional program for managing print jobs. With Remote Queue Manager you can copy or move print jobs to other printers. You can also visually view the contents of print jobs. You can connect to remote printers and cancel unnecessary print jobs or change their priority. You do not need to install drivers to control printers on other computers.


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