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Screamer Radio is a program that allows you to enjoy the air of your favorite radio stations on your computer without complicated settings and in excellent quality.

The interface of the program can be called convenient. It contains tabs with a list of radio stations, log, settings and information about the program. The list of stations is not organized into categories, but against the name of the radio station there is a set of tags (country, genre). You can filter and search for them using these tags. The standard program already includes an impressive number of stations, but you can add new stations and delete unnecessary ones.

Listening to the air of the selected station in Screamer Radio you can see the name of the song, the artist and even the album cover (taken from Google Images, you can turn it off). This information is also logged, so you can see the names of all the songs you've listened to, organized by station, at any time by simply switching to the appropriate tab.

If you like a radio station, you can add it to your favorites by clicking on the star next to its name. Then it will stick at the top of the general list and you won't have to look for it every time.

Most actions in Screamer Radio can be performed using keyboard shortcuts. Their list can be found in the tab with information about the program. On the same tab you can see the total playback time, the amount of received traffic, the program operation time, the amount of used "RAM", etc.

It is worth mentioning another function of the program - the shutdown timer. It can be set for 20, 40 or 60 minutes. After the set time, the program will automatically stop the playback. A very useful feature, especially for those users who like to fall asleep to music.

Do you like listening to the radio and looking for a great program to do that? Download Screamer Radio.


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