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Serial Port Monitor Serial Com Port Monitor displays, captures and analyzes data exchange between serial devices and applications. This software product is ideal for monitoring serial communication, all data sent by the serial RS232/422/485 port and received by it, events sent to the COM port by applications and the status of these events. Different ways to present tracked data, easy to navigate and configure interface, combined with flexible configuration of COM ports and terminal emulation mode - all this makes Serial Com Port Monitor the best choice for professional developers. You'll be able to monitor, track, record, and analyze the performance of any application or device. Serial Com Port Monitor connects to a COM port, real or created by an application, and begins to monitor it. From then on, all data coming from the port will be displayed in the program, and in real time, so you can track problems immediately. Moreover, you can redirect all data to a specific file or copy all recorded data to the clipboard. Serial COM Port Monitor allows you to capture and record the code of I/O control devices by monitoring their parameters. Once the tracking period is over, you can save the session and load it when you need it again. Serial Com Port Monitor provides the ability to send data in a variety of formats: string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and mixed. Moreover, you can change the type of sent data immediately without closing the session. In the same way you can change the serial port settings, such as stop bit, data flow settings, information bit, etc., in the same session mode.


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