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Budgeting system: Budget

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Budgeting system: Budget "Budget" allows you to predict the state of the company for the period set by the user, a comparative analysis of the planned and actually obtained results, finding out the cause of deviations, for further correction of the company. Budgeting is necessary to obtain clear goals of the company, the idea of the need for current resources and the value of future. The program will allow to solve these questions, and using the analysis of deviations to adjust the work of planning and economic services and the company as a whole. The "Budget" program allows you, based on user-submitted planned and actual indicators of economic activity, expressed in monetary and physical terms, to obtain intermediate and final planned and actual budget forms: - Intermediate budget forms: - Sales budget; - Production budget; - Production budget; - Production inventory budget; - Direct materials costs budget; - General production budget; - Software development tool. Final budgetary forms: - Income surplus (deficit); - Cash surplus (deficit); - Income statement; - Cash flow statement. - Analytical tables: - Calculation of break-even point; - Calculation of net present value (net discounted income, NPV), both for all and main activities. The program is equipped with a list of features and services, among which are: - the ability to automatically combine up to 10 files of the departments' budgets; - ability to move across all the tables and graphs of the program; - ability to protect cells from unwanted changes; - ability to generate reports; - choice of accounting for direct labor costs: including or not including rates; - convenient, clear and functional graphics; - analysis of changes in both absolute and relative terms; - choice of base for the distribution of general production costs; - the choice of the general expenses budget. The "Budget" software product is presented in the form of 2 MS Excel books: Subdivision.xls Summary Budget.xls The Subdivision file is intended for entering and analyzing structural subdivisions of the organization or its subsidiaries. The Consolidated Budget file is designed to bring together the files of departments into one and a general analysis of the company's development. And a little about the development of the Budget program: the program was prepared taking into account the experience and recommendations of Russian and foreign companies, taking into account the basic techniques and experience of developers When working on the system, similar programs were studied, their advantages and disadvantages were taken into account.


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12 years ago
interesting program