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System Mechanic is a useful program. To automatically diagnose and fix operating system problems and optimize the performance of your computer, we advise you to download System Mechanic. A free software license allows you to download System Mechanic for free. System Mechanic is designed for Windovs XP, 7, 8, 10 with sizes x32, x64.

The program is russified, the interface is simple and straightforward, uses patented technologies to increase the speed of Windows and ensure the stability of the system. Allows you to configure keyboard shortcuts for the user.

Consists of separate applications with different purposes

  • Disk regeneration after OS errors and crashes;
  • checking the system settings;
  • deletion of unused registry entries;
  • restoring accidentally deleted documents;
  • cleaning of traces of deleted applications;
  • irretrievable deletion of installed programs and files.

Let's consider the functionality and features of System Mechanic

  • Working with the registry file. The registry periodically needs to be cleaned, because the installation and uninstallation of programs bloats and slows down computer booting. The application creates a backup copy of the registry before performing optimization and defragmentation. It is possible to roll back to the original state.
  • Optimize and defragment memory to speed up running programs.
  • Check disk for bad sectors. Diskette creation for recovering file and partition access, and repairing partition errors.
  • Easy undo after installing incompatible programs, if uninstalling did not bring back the original state. Remove the consequences of the operations that caused instability in your computer. Recording the configuration of the operating system in its normal state, comparing it with the problem state, and detecting the differences.
  • Automatic protection from self-starting programs, blocking unwanted changes in Internet access settings.
  • Locates and fixes corrupted shortcuts that cause problems with your computer.

Optimize unstable Internet connections

On our site you can download free System Mechanic for your computer.


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7 years ago
Constantly begging - Well buy me, well buy me... I uninstalled it... what the fuck do I need it for? Who needs Pro, he will buy it himself. And the one who put the Free, leave him alone, gentlemen creators. Many of your mechanic just delete. I understand that the free software is just a lure, but the constant "Give me money! - annoying.[:+2:]