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TcpFoss TCPFOSS is designed for highly reliable, convenient and secure file exchange between geographically remote organizational units. Internal mechanisms of the program provide for distortion-free data transfer even over unreliable communication channels - dial-up (telephone), leased, Internet and other channels can be used. The program is easy in use, unprepared users can work with TCPFOSS. Automatic mode of program operation is provided. TCPFOSS can be used as a separate product; it can be easily integrated with any software which needs "transport" for files transfer. There are versions for Windows-9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD and MS-DOS. The main advantages: * Reliability. During data exchange, there is a multi-level control of file integrity. When a connection channel is broken, internal mechanisms of the program provide an additional transfer of files, in this case the reconnection is established automatically. * Security. This is achieved by using encryption for authentication and data transfer. Built-in encryption mechanisms and external encryption modules are used. * Compatibility. The program uses the standard network protocol TCP/IP, as well as standard operating system means for working with dial-up channels. * Flexibility. * Unique priority mechanism. To transmit a higher-priority file, the current file transmission is interrupted, the high-priority file is transmitted, and then the interrupted transmission is resumed from the point where it stopped. * Multichannel mode of operation. 100 or more simultaneous connections are possible. * High transmission speed. * Possibility to limit transmission speed. Can be used when sharing channel with other programs working by TCP/IP protocol. * Channel utilization efficiency. TCPFOSS compresses files while they are being sent, which considerably reduces time of information transfer. * Support of reserve communication channels. It is possible to assign several communication channels to each subscriber, and the program will try to establish connection cyclically. * Ease of use. * Easy installation, setup and maintenance. * Setting up the program remotely with a browser. * Keeping detailed logs of your work. Protocols are stored as text files. * Flexible rules for accepting files with the same name. * Long (including Russian) file names are supported. * Individual settings for each subscriber. You can set the frequency of connection, prohibit outgoing calls, set the priority levels of the transmitted files, etc. * Integration. TCPFOSS can work together with other programs.


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