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Timing Solution is a forecasting complex for traders designed to forecast prices of shares and any other financial instruments.Among the features of the program is a powerful mathematical block:

  • Neural Network forecasting - basic module of the program, logically connected to many other modules of the program
  • Wavelet analysis (wavelet analysis) of cycles of financial data (Wavelet and Wavelet Cycle Hunter modules)
  • Study of cyclic processes in quotes using the Hilbert Transform method by the John Eulers method (Digital Signal Processing module)
  • Quantum mechanics in stock market forecasts - a new trend in financial data analysis (Trading Strategy Constructor, Quantum Figures, T17 and, partially, Natural Cycles modules)
  • Spectral analysis of cycles in stock quotes (Spectrum module)
  • Forecasting financial data with the help of Chaos Theory (Chaos Theory module)
  • Working with dominant cycles (Turbo Cycles and Dominant Astro Cycles modules)

Working with mathematical modules - does not require special skills and is oriented for common users.

Both standard and innovative methods of technical analysis are included in the program:

  • Various methods of the graphical analysis: the ideas of Gann, Fibonacci, Andrews (Charting Tools panel) including non-standard ones are implemented
  • original development of the idea of quotations forecasting using the "Japanese candlesticks" methods: forecasting is based on changes in the internal proportions of the price bar
  • search for leading indicators (Inter Market Analysis module), search for stable price patterns, constantly repeating in unlinked quotes (Similar Periods Finder module), cyclic analysis of different industries (TS Market Sectors Analysis module)
  • search for turning points in quotes using the cluster analysis method (Market Profile module), standard statistical analysis method (Turning Points Analyzer module), and method of statistical significance of various astro phenomena with respect to turning points (Turning Points Astro Indicator module).

In Timing Solution, you can work with buy and sell signals (Trading Strategy Constructor, T17, Quantum Figures) to build complete trader strategies, as well as to backtest created models (Back Testing Module and Turbo Cycles Back Testing module).



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2 years ago
Thank you to the authors for the walk. I have been using it for a year and I enjoyed it. I may have to upgrade to Windows 10 at most. I learned thanks to the program to see and understand the essence of price movements.
2 years ago
Nikolay Vetrov
Vladimir, thanks for the feedback. I have bought a few days the program, can you advise where to start to learn the program, maybe prompt what is better to pay attention to immediately? Thank you in advance!
5 years ago
I'll add my five cents - "Self similarity" is very good for finding fragments of price from the past that are similar to the current situation. And I noticed that very often the price follows not only normal cycles, but inverted ones as well - they show the future price movement just as well as normal ones.
5 years ago
I liked the idea of the program with the universal spectrum in the q-box, worked out very well in the last trade. i tested it on currency pairs and in particular on, euro-dollar. if you compare it with q-spectrum, the q-box has better results. and in synthesis, it showed everything just fine, that is, when using both. literally to the bar exactly showed. i calculated on the daily trends, and then on the hour, the moments of entry and exit.
6 years ago
I've been studying this Timing Solution software up and down for almost a year. But I didn't find anything particularly valuable in it. Its prediction of the future is no better than the usual strategy with a 60-65% probability of success. That is, it's no better than any simple time-tested analysis. No analysis based on the usual series of quotes data will allow to see the future. This is utopia. Of course, 65% is not insignificant. I've been in the market for over 12 years, and I know it's great. But this is not the point. Why bother with such complicated calculations? When there are proven methods of analysis, and they give the same results? Although to be fair, even a school kid can handle the Q-Spectrum module. It's quite simple to work with, maybe for someone it will be easier than other types of analysis.
7 years ago
I have been using the program for two weeks. I analyze mainly in Q Spectrum, with forward analysis. Only one missed of euro-dollar, i.e. 10:1. Hourly chart, update forecast twice a day, forecast horizon is approximately 12 hours. Other instruments are not so accurate, but the euro is just nada. I don't know how it will go further, but what I see is encouraging.