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WebisCall is an online consulting service from the Webis Group company. It is designed for instant communication between website visitors and the manager at the company.

Live communication with the manager on the site significantly increases the probability of a successful sale. By connecting your website to the WebisCall system, you will get an additional channel for sales on your website. The system is able to attract the attention of visitors by analyzing their behavior on the pages of your website.

A competent manager can simultaneously conduct dialogues with several visitors, answering their questions and motivating them to buy. The manager and the visitor can even exchange files during the dialog. In doing so, your phone remains unoccupied. Speaking of the phone: would you like a separate voice line for instant communication with site visitors? Your visitors no longer need to use a regular phone - an inconvenience factor for many. Now one click is enough - and the call from your site goes to your company. Such calls are totally free for website visitors and its owner - you will pay only for using the system. More than communication Besides the obvious possibilities to simplify the contact with your customers, WebisCall is also a great tool to organize and optimize the work of your sales or consulting department:

Managers always see a complete message history for each visitor. The manager can evaluate the effectiveness of their work (number of consultations and calls made, number of unanswered requests, managers' evaluations by visitors, communication history) and react in time to improve the quality of their work.

Why WebisCall? What makes WebisCall more interesting than other online consulting systems?

  • Appearance: rich opportunities to customize the position, style, and color scheme of the dialog window on the site,
  • Built-in lead generation: even if the consultant is not there, the system will automatically collect contacts and input information from the visitor,
  • Monitoring: convenient and functional tools for performance assessment and access to the history of dialogs
  • Integration with the systems of statistics Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika.

In your statistics you can add target actions for a visitor - opening an online consultant and sending an inquiry to a manager. You will be able to specify the necessary code for these actions in your personal WebisCall cabinet. After that, statistics will appear in your advertising campaign on the visitors' achievement of the specified goals. Interesting tariffs: thought-out pricing policy for maximum cost optimization, availability of a free package.


If you have information about available versions of the software, you can . send it to us.


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