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Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft

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Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft The program Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft implements a convenient, clear and practical possibility to configure and add accruals and deductions according to any algorithm (including the automation of accruals by average earnings of vacation, sick pay, etc.) with the possibility of their adjustment. Setting modules are made with the maximum comfort for the user, as evidenced by the practice of real use. When setting up accruals, you can include tax deductions. The program is already configured by default with the most popular accruals and deductions, you can calculate wages using the default settings, and if necessary, you can change the settings of existing accruals and deductions or create new ones. Automatic calculation of property deductions by codes 311 and 312, which are specified in the Personal Income Tax Report window, by default auto calculation is enabled, enabling and disabling auto calculation is done in the window Information about the Organization. Friendly, intuitive WINDOWS interface will help even a novice PC user easily get used to this program. Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft fully complies with current legislation. Included import of information about the Organization, personnel data and addresses, settings of charges and deductions from Salary and Personnel 2008 - CompSoft with a flexible configuration. Detailed accounting of the personnel information. Output to MS Excel, OpenOffice and in the electronic files of the accounting statements, individual and consolidated index cards UST and OPS, personalized accounting, 1-NDFL, 2-NDFL with a conclusion to the file XML. Timekeeping module with the transfer of data from the timesheet in the data payroll. When purchasing the software, the user gets a free subscription service. This means that during the calendar year new versions of Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft are provided free of charge, as well as free on-line support for the purchased program. In the case of changes in the procedure of payroll taxes or tax rates, etc., the program will be promptly updated accordingly. All new versions of the program are compatible with the data of previous versions. After the update of the program Salary and Personnel 2009 - CompSoft, new features will be added to the program, and all previously entered data will remain unchanged and will not need to be entered again.


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