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BX Memo A program for memorizing foreign words using the Ebbinghaus method.

The memorization of foreign words is based on the demonstration of a task and offering variants of the answer, among which only one variant is correct.

Three teaching methods are supported: Variant, Mosaic, and Writing.

The task is a foreign word, and the variants are translations of different words.

The program gives points for the correct answer, and the points are deducted for the wrong answer. There is an opportunity to get a hint, in which case the points are no longer credited to the task, or the task is reset. The points system settings are available to the user.

A task is considered learned if it has a certain number of points. The program allows you to activate the long-term repetition mode by the Herman Ebbinghaus method. In this case the learned words are considered to be conventionally learned and will be given as an additional repetition task after 1 day, then after 2 days, then after 4 days. If all repetition assignments are successfully completed, the word is considered to be fully learned.

The program allows you to learn several dictionaries at the same time, including dictionaries in different languages. You will switch to the next selected vocabulary at the end of the current lesson.

The program is a mobile supplement to the BX Language acquisition program.


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