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Gacha Glitch


Gacha Glitch is a useful app for all fans of Gacha games. Here you will discover all the usual features of Gacha Club, as well as a full set of available content, without any additional fees for unlocking.

What is Gacha Glitch

Despite its name, this app isn't meant to break the game. At least not in the literal sense. In front of you is a modified version of the familiar Gacha Club, which offers the user a number of advantages compared to the original. Here you can still create your own scenes with funny anime-style drawn characters. The latest version of the program offers a large number of characters to choose from, and it is also possible to change any of them, or create a new one. At the same time, you can not only change the clothes, but also the head, body, add pets or clouds with text. Finished with the creation of the characters? Then choose any of the background options, arrange the people on the site, choose poses and create your own anime.

In the original version of Gacha Club, a set of content was very limited. The user had to pay extra to get nice clothes or other items. Gacha Glitch corrects this injustice. No longer will you have to settle for little and spend money on digital content. In this app, all possible items are already unlocked and you can use them immediately after installation.

Features of the app:

  • no need to install on top of the original game;
  • All content is unlocked and available for free;
  • there is a translation into Russian (you need to turn on manually in the menu):
  • a huge selection of clothes, items, accessories and pets;
  • the use of ready-made characters or the creation of new ones;
  • many options for character poses;
  • creation of your own videos;
  • several game modes:
  • built-in mini-games.

Download the latest version of the game Gacha Glitch for Android from our website and get access to all the content of Gacha Club to create your own scenes, completely free.


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