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"HappyMod - free games and apps with benefits

"HappyMod is an application for Android mobile devices. In HappyMod you can download free mods of premium games and applications in apk format.

Features of HappyMod

In HappyMod you can access premium versions of games and other applications without paying a license fee. With HappyMod you don't have to hack programs to disable ads, play without buying energy and get other privileges.

Features and benefits of HappyMod for OC "Android":

  • alternative to the official Market: a catalog with more than 30 thousand mods of online games and applications;

  • you can ask for a new mod of the game you want;
  • user-friendly interface in Russian;
  • information about the performance of mods in %;
  • safety mods in apk format for your gadget;
  • you do not need to root your Android device.

In addition to HappyMod, we offer separate mods for games on Android.

How to install HappyMod on Android

Download the apk file with the latest version of HappyMod application on our website without fear of viruses. Just click on it and HappyMod app will install automatically. We advise you to also visit the page with free apps for Android.


What is HappyMod and why do I need it?

This is an app for downloading hacked versions of Android games. It is needed if you do not want or do not know how to hack the game yourself, and if you do not want to waste time on your own passage or farming in-game currency or items. Mods can be chosen, for example, you can download mods for walkthrough, for a lot of money or for unlocked game items.
No, they won't, because HappyMod only contains mods for offline games. Their hacking is safe because you are not playing with other people and you do not get an unfair advantage over them.
After downloading and installing, you can register an account if you want to download your mods, or start using the program right away. To download, find the game you want, select a mod from the list (if there are several) and download it.
Yes. The HappyMod app was launched in April 2018. Thousands of users have downloaded it in that time. If there were any problems with the app or if it threatened other people's data, it would have been reported by users on the web a long time ago.
HappyMod is installed just like any other application: download it to your smartphone and run the installation. When it is finished, an icon will appear on your desktop - now you can use the application.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • A large number of mods. Players get access to several tens of thousands of different mods for popular games.
  • Easy to use. Downloading a mod through HappyMod is easier and faster than hacking the game yourself (especially if you don't know how to do it).
  • A large community. Other users often download new mods and also check them for security.
  • Free use. If you don't want to pay for in-game currency or unique in-game items - this is a major plus.
  • Availability on different gadgets. If you like to play on a bigger screen - HappyMod can be installed on a tablet.
  • You can request a new mod. If the desired mod is not found in the application - you can leave a request to create it. Perhaps it will be fulfilled, and it will appear in the list of available.
  • You don't need extra permissions. For HappyMod, you only need to allow the installation of applications downloaded from third-party sources. There are no other requests (like access to camera, microphone, location).
  • There are built-in ads. The app itself is free for users, but the developers need something to make money on - so they show ads.
  • There is no general plan to develop mods. Since they are made by other users - you can only hope to find a mod for your favorite game. True, the choice of them is very large now, and for all popular applications they are there.
  • Download not from Google Play. For some people, any app downloaded not from the official store may be suspicious. However, with HappyMod they should not be: it is a long-established application, and many users have had time to use it. If there were any problems with it - information about it would have already appeared.
  • The app does not have a version for iOS. Only the owners of Android gadgets are lucky.


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1 year ago
At first, to be honest, I could not understand how to use the application. Then I kind of figured it out, thanks to the interface in Russian. I can say that the application is easy to search for any game, you can even download modified versions, but for free) You can install all sorts of applications with HappyMod in unlimited quantities, as I understand
1 year ago
Mr Antonio
I used to have the old version and it sometimes crashes when I turn it on. I got mad and downloaded the latest version from this site. Now it works just a few times better, no lags, no viruses, too. No viruses, no functionality, no comments, very useful program. If you like toys with paid functions, download it without hesitation.
1 year ago
The only problem is that my mobile phone took a long time to install it. The only problem - my cell phone was stubborn and did not want to install, but that's because I have an antivirus stand) As a result, downloaded and all super, no viruses caught, thank you very much.
1 year ago
I have already tried a bunch of games and applications in happymod, everything flies as it should. The program is periodically updated and developers add new mods, and in general, there are enough of them. So my advice would be to get the latest version right away.
1 year ago
In short, I have long doubted whether to download or not to download)). I had already installed a similar applozhuha before, and eventually the phone just flew down. Well, in general, downloaded at your own risk and bingo: all ok, no viruses! Installed a game, and by the way here's your laifhak: if you are a game not found in the directory, it is possible to leave a request for new mods and just wait until they appear) works, tested, but maybe I just luck)