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How to download "Lucky Patcher" on Android

If you have never used the application "Lucky Patcher", you may have a question about how to install it on your smartphone. You can do it quickly and without viruses from Freesoft website. The program has a free use license and wide functionality.

What the program is for

Lucky Patcher is an application that allows you to use new games on your smartphone for free and block ads. With the help of the program you can disable the license check to use the preum-subscription.

Among all the programs for hacking games on android Lucky Patcher is considered the most popular and safest.

Pros and cons of the application

Lucky Patcher from Freesoft service has many advantages, here are some of them:

  1. The ability to freely use paid applications and games.
  2. Safe and free downloading without registration and texting.
  3. Wide range of functions.
  4. Ability to use on any Android operating system.

The disadvantages include the lack of interface in Russian.

How to install on Android

To install the official Lucky Patcher on your smartphone, you need:

  1. Go to Freesoft service and click on the green button under the picture of the application, and then select "Open".
  2. In the window, click "Install". If you get a message that the program is blocked by Play-protection, click "Details" and then "Install anyway" and "Ok"
  3. Check the box next to "Enable the ability to install apk files" and select "Yes".
  4. Enable "Allow apps to be installed".
  5. Press "Allow" and then allow the app to access the files on the device
  6. If you want to update the application to the latest version.
  7. Click "Uninstall Installer".

Here you can learn how to work with "Lucky Patcher". In the program you will be able to hack paid games and create copies of applications.


Can you tell me how to download Lucky Patcher for Android?

Download the program from our website for free and without viruses. It's easy to do: In the device settings, go to the "Security" category, in the list next to "Unknown sources" set it to "On". On the Lacky Patcher page, click the "Download" button. Wait for the apk file to download and for the message "The app is installed" to appear on your device.
These are superuser rights that allow you to perform operations on Android that are not available in normal mode. To get root rights, download the Kingo Root program from our website. After installing the utility, run rooting according to the instructions.
Go to "Settings" and then to "Security". Next to the "Unknown sources" line, set it to "On". Confirm your decision by clicking the "OK" button.
The version of Lucky Patcher from our website is compatible with any device that runs on Android 2.0 and higher.
To free the memory of your device, you need to: clear the cache and updates; Delete unnecessary photos, videos, and applications; Move some files to an SD card or cloud storage.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Saving money. You can access most apps after removing the license control and purchase game currency for free.
  • Increased user comfort. Thanks to a special tool you can block and cut ads, you will not be distracted and annoyed by constantly popping up banners.
  • Simple interface. Learning to work with the utility is easy thanks to the thoughtful interface. The developers offer detailed instructions for Android users.
  • Accessibility and security. The program is free of charge. You can promptly download the latest version of Lacky Patcher from our website without the risk of getting a virus on your phone and registration with personal data.
  • Availability of version in Russian. You do not need to know English or use a translator to understand the program.
  • The need to obtain root rights. Lacky Patcher modifies code and permissions and changes the system parameters of the application, so it can only be used if you have superuser privileges.


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1 year ago
Maks Bykov
I downloaded from two places, one here and one month ago, one from another site (then it somehow glitched and stopped working). your hacker used for almost three weeks, all works great. used mostly for breaking coins in the games, for fun put and hacked 1 walker to additional functions, too, succeed. so feel like a hacker
1 year ago
Doktor Gde
The creators thanks, the progah one of the most useful on any phone who does not want to pay for toys or minor functions in the progah). main carefully understand how to install, but before that figure out how to root, too useful to go through it). nothing complicated, I put the first time without a single problem. everything works!
1 year ago
I downloaded it and hacked 1 game for the test, all normal. but on the 2 game, for some reason it did not work, at first did not want to see, and then just could not hack. It turns out that it only breaks offline prog, and I had already rolled out the lip and online)
1 year ago
RESPECT TO THE DEVELOPERS, whoever you are)) I hope you continue to do their job! put the LP for the 1 program, but in the end that evening, could not hold back and pumped toys, which previously scored because he did not have the patience to swing and farm hands
1 year ago
Finally got Black Shark 4 from Alik!)) I used lucky patcher about 4 years ago, but I didn't download it from here. And again I'm going back to the trusted helpers, but now with a new device yuhuu))