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Image to PDF is an application whose name speaks for itself. It allows you to convert images into PDF documents for further editing. It also allows you to manage and edit the converted documents on your cell phone, without the use of third-party programs.

How Image to PDF - PDF Maker works

The app allows you to turn PDF documents from one or more images from your smartphone gallery. Just select all the files you need and click the "Import" button. The program is compatible with all major file formats: jpg, jpeg, png and others, so you don't have to use additional photo conversion software. When all the images are selected, Image to PDF will give you the option to apply a filter to each of them individually. Filters are provided to optimize the quality of documents, images, as well as black and white effect and color inversion. Here you can also trim unnecessary edges and adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness.

After a short processing, all that remains is to check the order of the images and, if necessary, change it. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping on the desired location. At this stage, you can add captions, rotate or tilt the images. To do this, it is only necessary to click on the desired element, to go to the edit menu. At this point the editing is done, you only have to click on "Convert to PDF", select the file name, the desired quality and wait for the completion of the processing.

The main features of the program:

  • support for images in jpg, jpeg, png, etc. formats;
  • creation of PDF-documents from one or many images;
  • easy adjustment of the order of pages in the document;
  • image quality enhancement and the ability to apply filters;
  • basic editing before conversion: tilt, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness;
  • you can use images from the gallery or take photos of documents directly through the application;
  • save a list of converted files with the function of sorting by name, size, date of creation or modification;
  • search through the converted documents;
  • PDF compression function with the ability to select the desired image quality;
  • ability to set a password for access to important documents;
  • dark theme;
  • intuitive interface in Russian;
  • the program does not require Internet access.

Need to quickly convert photos of documents to PDF? Then we recommend downloading the latest version of Image to PDF - PDF Maker for Android. The program is distributed and works for free, but contains ads.


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