Adobe Capture CC finally gets support for Android tablets

11 January 2017
Surely many people have already taken advantage of the Adobe Capture CC mobile application, designed to add colors, filters, brushes, shapes, and other elements necessary for working in Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, using the gadget's camera. Despite the fact that this product was released back in October 2015, the developers thought about the need to adapt it for tablets only now.Finally the release of the updated Adobe Capture CC application for Android was held, which can now be used not only on smartphones, but also on tablets. At the same time, users still have all the usual set of features and tools available, allowing them to fully work with images on a single device, getting rid of the need to transfer various elements from gadget to gadget. On the other hand, however, the creation of filters and shapes on a tablet will become more difficult than on a smartphone, because the former are usually equipped with a less clear camera, as well as have no flash. Another inconvenience that users have to put up with is the inability to use the application in landscape mode. For unknown reasons, the developers have not yet begun to introduce such a popular feature, the importance of which will now only increase, because not all tablets camera is located in a place suitable for shooting in portrait mode. All owners of appropriate Android gadgets can already try the new version of Adobe Capture CC on the tablet.