Amazon is working on a competitor to WhatsApp and iMessage

18 July 2017
According to AFTV News, Amazon is working on a new communication application called Anytime. Apparently, it will have all the features necessary for a modern messenger. In addition to text messaging, it will also support voice and video calls. Amazon also wants to add social features to the messenger, such as photo and video sharing with the ability to apply effects and filters. Amazon Anytime will allow users to share GIF files, emoji, play games with interlocutors and also to use mentions as in Twitter. Audio and video calls will be available for both personal and business accounts. In addition, the owner of the business account will be able to add various information, so that users will be able, for example, to reserve seats at restaurants or hotels directly from the application. Further, from the leaked documents it became known that Amazon is working on the functions of sending their location, listening to music, joint ordering of food, sharing a check with other contacts. Amazon is also focused on the security of communication. Correspondence will take place over an encrypted channel in private chats, which is especially relevant, given that the application can be used for backup, which means there will be a transfer of personal and banking information. There is no information about the release date of the new messenger. However, it is known that Amazon plans to release it for all modern operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.