Android is attacked by an unbreakable virus

15 February 2020

As you know, Google develops Android. It is hard to imagine how much effort it puts into the security of the system. Unfortunately, it is not always enough.

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All sorts of malware continue to appear. You don't have to go far to find examples. Malwarebytes , the creator of antivirus solutions, is sounding the alarm.

Malwarebytes experts report a new Trojan. It is the second version of the famous xHelper. Its first variety was detected in the spring of 2019. Then the "malware" secretly installed third-party applications.

The updated xHelper has not changed much. It masquerades as system programs. In the course of its activity, adware is downloaded to the smartphone.

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What's bad is that xHelper survives removal. It is not affected by "Hard Reset". Resetting it to factory settings doesn't work. The Trojan comes back and occupies the phone again.

How does it manage to do this? It turns out that it somehow uses the Google Play store. However, the mechanism of xHelper persistence remains a mystery. Experts are still studying the question.

Is there a way to protect yourself? So far, there are two recommendations. First, if you encounter xHelper - disable Google Play. For the time being. The next step - check the infected device with antivirus.