Apple fixes LTE issues in new model of its smart watch

06 October 2017
Surely many people have heard about the fact that the new Apple Watch Series 3 has been found to have a problem connecting to LTE networks. It seems that the specialists of the company, finally, were able to fix it and release a corresponding update.Recall that the problems were discovered even before the official launch of sales. The information was shared by journalists to whom the gadgets were issued for writing reviews. According to them, the new Apple Watch instead of the promised use of LTE cellular networks tried to connect to non-existent Wi-Fi networks when away from the smartphone. At the same time, the problem did not disappear even after replacing the devices. Finally, the aforementioned problem is fixed. All Apple Watch Series 3 cellular owners are advised to install the watchOS 4.0.1 update, which contains the necessary fixes. This can be done through the official Apple Watch app on the iPhone. In this case, it is necessary that the charge level of the watch is at least 50%, the device itself must be connected to a power source and be within range of the iPhone connection.