Apple confirms its intention to buy Shazam

12 December 2017
Last week, rumors that Apple could buy the music recognition service Shazam began to spread around the network. Finally, representatives of the Cupertino giant have officially announced the new acquisition, finally dispelling all doubts. Despite the fact that the amount of the deal remained unnamed, according to the publication TechCrunch, the acquisition will cost Apple only $400 million, while after the last round of financing, music recognition service was estimated at $1.02 billion. Apple representatives noted that since the start, Shazam was among the most frequently downloaded applications for iOS. Moreover, they noted that the service will be a great addition for Apple Music. It is interesting that earlier other companies also expressed their desire to buy Shazam. Among them were Spotify and Snap Inc., which owns the messenger Snapchat. It seems that Apple representatives managed to make a more favorable offer. And how this will affect the work of the service - time will tell.