Apple acknowledged the problem with overheating of the new MacBook Pro

25 July 2018

Not long ago, we reported that the performance of the new MacBook Pro was suffering due to cooling issues. Finally, Apple representatives acknowledged the problems with the new laptops and promised to fix them soon.

Recall that recently it was found that the new MacBook Pro with Core-i9 8950HK processor suffers from overheating, causing trotling or a noticeable drop in CPU frequencies. That would be OK, but as a result the performance of the top laptop is often below the younger model, or even last year's devices, the difference in cost with which is very tangible.

Apple specialists promise that they will be able to fix this problem in the nearest future. They plan to do this by releasing macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G2208) update, which will be available only for the problematic model of laptops. According to the company, the last version of the operating system was missing a certain digital key that has to do with adjusting the CPU's thermal limit. After installing the update with the fix, you can forget about the problems with Trottling.