Apple is working on an iPhone with a contactless control system

05 April 2018
According to information published by Bloomberg citing some knowledgeable sources, future iPhones may receive support for contactless gesture control.The new gesture control system involves the movement of the fingers close to the screen, which will allow to perform all kinds of tasks without touching the iPhone. In this case, the technology will even be able to take into account the distance from your finger to the screen, which will help make the control even more accurate. Another curious innovation, which is working on Apple, is the curved displays. It is reported that they will be different from the already familiar to many screens, curving on the side edges. Instead, the iPhone display will curve smoothly from the top of the smartphone to the bottom. It is worth adding that the introduction of non-contact gesture control technology will take about two years, provided that Apple does not abandon the idea of developing this direction. As for the iPhone with a curved screen, such gadgets may see the light already in two or three years.