Apple is working on a special chip for AI on mobile devices

29 May 2017
In 2011, Apple first introduced Siri, a smart assistant, into the iPhone 4s. Other companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung introduced their own virtual assistants, some of which surpassed Siri in functionality. Its main competitor, Google Assistant, is increasingly penetrating users' lives, and in the near future it will get new features. Work on artificial intelligence for virtual assistants is in full swing by many smartphone manufacturers and beyond. Such systems are already able to recognize people by voice and face, understand different requests, execute some commands, etc. In the future, their capabilities will become even wider. At the moment, for the work of AI on mobile devices are responsible for the central and graphics processors. However, in the future, Apple plans to move this task to a separate, specially optimized for it, chip. Such a division of tasks should increase the speed of information processing, as well as have a positive impact on battery life. Anonymous sources report that Apple specialists are already testing such a chip. According to their information the new chip is "running in" in a prototype of the next version of the iPhone. Most likely it will take responsibility for functions such as predictive text input, speech and face recognition, etc. Whether such a chip will be integrated into the next version of the iPhone, which is due to be presented in the second half of this year, is not yet known.