Aurora 7 - laptop with seven screens

13 January 2020

Handheld PCs with multiple displays are nothing new. Models with 2-3 panels have already been released. But the Aurora 7 has seven. Isn't that exotic?

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The Aurora 7 was created by Expanscape. It was announced the other day at CES 2020. The device is presented as an engineering prototype.

Not all screens in the laptop are the same. The main ones are only four. They have a diagonal of 17 inches and a resolution of 4K. The characteristics of auxiliary modules are more modest (7 inches and Full HD).

One pair is located vertically and the other horizontally. The auxiliary ones extend above the main ones. How to use this configuration? Expanscape is silent.

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The developers expect the Aurora 7 to find fans. Alas, they don't give any price info. Only it is clear that the pleasure is not cheap.

The machine is powerful - judging by the "stuffing". Supports installation of up to 64 GB of RAM. For graphics is responsible gas pedal series Nvidia GeForce RTX. We can hope for ray tracing.

The Intel Core i9-9900K chip acts as the processor. For data storage is an NVMe SSD. Its capacity is not specified.

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Will the Aurora 7 make it to volume production? No word on that.