Telegram's blockchain can be downloaded in the public domain

09 September 2019

Developers have made publicly available a test version of Telegram Open Network - TON. This is such a blockchain platform developed by Durov's team. In 2018, Telegram raised 1.7 billion rubles for its development. According to some information, TON will have content, services, goods and services. Inside the blockchain from Telegram will work the cryptocurrency Gram.

An archive of the code and links to the repository on Github appeared on[1]. The code is constantly being updated.

The site where TON is posted says that the information is more for developers. Interested people can download and install a test version of the blockchain: a full node (a node in the blockchain network) and a validator (a member of the network that confirms all transactions in the blockchain).

блокчейн от телеграма

The page also contains instructions on how to install a node and make it into a validator. You can also find documentation on TON, such as a description of the blockchain and its elements, as well as all the data for the Fift programming language so that a developer can create smart contracts in the blockchain. The documents on the site are signed by Nikolai Durov, remember, who is Pavel Durov's brother and co-founder of Telegram.

There is information that the testing of the Telegram blockchain began back in April 2019. At that time, the developers got access to the client connected to a single node. Its owner was TON. The information was shared by a participant in the testing.

Later, a partner of Qiwi Blockchain Technologies said that there was no point in evaluating a blockchain network consisting of a single node. When the code and validator appeared in the public domain, it became possible to assess the potential speed of transactions. Experts explained that it was now possible to understand whether the blockchain was scalable, whether block validation was secure.

Telegram made a promise to investors to launch the blockchain network by October 31, 2019. If this does not happen, the developers promised to return the money invested in the project.

Links to sources:

  1. Official TON website.